New Apple One ‘Best of Apple’ ad launches online

A new video ad promoting the Apple One bundled services has gone online, promising ‘the best of Apple’ in one package.

The ‘Best of Apple’ ad is now available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel. It’s half a minute in length and showcases the best of each service, from Apple Arcade to Apple TV+ and more. The main draw of Apple One is how subscribers can save money by choosing from the packages that suit their content and consumption needs.

Best of Apple

The Apple One service launched in 2020, with three unique tiers– the Individual, Family and Premier tier. Individual costs $14.95 a month and comes with Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple Music and 50GB iCloud, while the Family costs $19.95 monthly and includes 200GB of iCloud data and the ability to share with six people.

The Premier tier has all of Apple services and 2TB of iCloud storage, as well as sharing of up to six accounts. It costs $30 monthly.