New Apple patent explores knitted fabric case

Apple has recently submitted a new patent that explores how knitted materials can be used as an iPhone case.

The patent is mainly for creating snap-on cases that’s similar to the current silicone products. Dubbed ‘custom fabric cases for electronic devices’, it shows an alternative to those who ‘desire a case with different aesthetics’.

Fabric Case

The patent also talks about how different materials may be used for knitting strands together, e.g., fiber composites, metal, ceramics, glass or plastic, or a combination of any 2. The case is formed via unibody configuration and as a single or multiple structure.

Apple goes further to say how the cases could be customized and within ‘knitting instructions’- the back panel may have a digital photograph or similar design according to the user.

The knitted fabric case patent honors four inventors, notably Jessica Lu who is credited to the iPhone case that works doubly as an AirPods charger.