Emoji enthusiasts will have a lot to look forward to as the newest batch is set to be released along with iOS 14.2 beta.


The update will have 55 skin-tone and gender variants, and gender-exclusive emojis as alternative, e.g., a person wearing a tuxedo and person wearing a veil.

Emojis for beta 14.2 will include food, clothing, people, faces, musical instruments, household, body parts, animals and miscellaneous. New icons include bubble tea, polar bear, black cat, people hugging and ninja.

iOS 14.2 beta emoji

Emojipedia notes that Apple has previewed the batch in July but it’s only today that some of the characters are shown in official form. After Emoji 13 it’s expected that there will be a delay on the next batch.

Also, Emoji 13.1 is set to have skin tone options and several new emojis such as mending heart, heart on fire, face in clouds, face exhaling and face w/ spiral eyes. In the meantime, Emoji 14 won’t be released until 2022.


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