The Beats brand has recently released a new Beats Flex in collaboration with Girls Don’t Cry and Verdy.


The custom-designed Beats Flex has a blue and red theme, and a heart charm that can be attached or de-attached to the cable part of the earphones. The collaboration is between Apple, the Girls Don’t Cry project, and graphic artist Verdy. In line with the release, an ad campaign has been released featuring Jasmine Daniels and ‘Something I Need’ by Koteri.

Beats Flex launched in 2020 and offered a budget earphone option at a $49.99 price point. In 2021, Apple raised the price tag to $69.99 due to increased component costs and supply chain issues. The ‘Girls Don’t Cry’ Beats Flex is available for purchase starting April 1 and will cost $69.99 in Japan, the UK, and the US. Those interested can also buy it on the official Girls Don’t Cry website.


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