New data-stealing macOS malware discovered

A new malware in macOS systems has been discovered by Guardz Cyber Intelligence Research.

The malware, titled ShadowVault, was discovered by the CIR and identified as a macOS threat. The organization claims that it used ‘sophisticated covert operations’ to shadow the malware while it was in development. It’s yet to be determined if ShadowVault has been used in the wild or its transmission, but the way it works is that it functions in the background and accesses the user’s personal data, banking details, logins, and more.

macOS Malware

ShadowVault has appeared on dark websites and offered for sale for $500. The description read that the malware could ‘extract wallets, credit cards, cookies, passwords, and ‘Chrome-based extensions.

macOS users can safeguard themselves by being proactively aware of any form of phishing. That said, you shouldn’t open or click on any suspicious email or link, or any junk mail with attachments and bad spelling mistakes.