New Dridex banking malware targets macOS computers

A new Dridex banking malware variant uses macOS to spread and infect other computers.

Trend Micro, a security research firm, previously mentioned that the malware was exclusive to Windows computers. Now, cybercriminals have modified the virus to include MacBooks and Apple devices. The analyzed sample, collected by Trend Micro is a Mach-O file with possible extensions .bundle, .dylib, and .o.

Dridex Banking Malware

The malware contains a document that auto-runs and downloads more files through a remote server. Because the program is a .exe file, it won’t harm macOS users although a modification can be made in the future. Users are recommended not to download any unfamiliar attachments from users they don’t know.

Apple has several security tools, including XProtect and Gatekeeper built into macOS as a first line of defense. Users can also download and install third-party antivirus and anti-malware software or apps to further reduce the chances of a digital infection.