New ear cushions not included in AirPods Max warranty replacement

Apple may not be providing a new set of ear cushions for AirPods Max owners who are looking to get a replacement under warranty.

The Cupertino-based company has set the non-replacement as the default since owners are expected to keep their ear cushions and use them when the new AirPods Max comes. This is not the case if the ear cushions are part of the damaged parts. The product’s modular design means Apple can send just the ear cushions or the headphones depending on the nature of the warranty.

Apple’s mailing instructions state that the owner must keep his or her set of ear cushions before sending in the unit via the repair box. For replacement of the AirPods Pro new ear tips aren’t included but rather priced at $8, whereas the ear cushions for the AirPods Max are priced at $69.

As of the moment Apple isn’t selling standalone ear cushions but this could be temporary as stock is boosted. Customers who purchase an AirPods Max will have the delivery dates set to March 2021.

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