A new set of emojis are expected this year, and thirty one upcoming icons have been revealed as the world celebrates World Emoji Day this July 17.

New Emojis

Each year, the Unicode Consortium considers a slew of new emojis which will be adopted by Google, Apple and others. Version 15 is not expected to be released until September, but the proposal deadline is set to be completed July 31. 

Emojipedia, a website dedicated to emojis, has mentioned that they have the final draft for this year’s emoji collection. Among the inclusions are a pink heart, which is believed to be in the emoji keyboard discussion several times, a shaking face and a jellyfish.

The Unicode Consortium will update its final list, to which tech companies will begin to integrate them into their ecosystem and software. It’s usually not instantaneous as the tech firms will have to make an update that will include the new emojis.


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