New ‘Everyday Experiments’ Video focuses on iPhone and Hollywood-Style Movie Scenes

Incite’s James Thornton and Donghoon Jun have taken the helm in the latest ‘Everyday Experiments’ series and show iPhone 13 users how they could create Hollywood movie scenes on a budget.

The ‘Everyday Experiments’ series shows iPhone owners what they can do with their devices in terms of taking photos and videos. Apple’s latest foray shows how a high speed car chase, a magical landscape and a big monster scene can be made right in the comfort of your own home, using simple and everyday props.

The 4 and a half minute video reveals the materials and capture tips used in order to recreate the classic Hollywood scenes. Some of the features used include Slo-Mode, low light, cinematic mode and iMovie filters.

Incite has created several other ‘Experiments’ videos before, including ‘Dark Universe’ and others to showcase the iPhone’s camera improvements. ‘Shot on iPhone 13- Everyday Experiments: Hollywood at Home’ is available to watch on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

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