New Feature in watchOS 6 Makes Apple Watch Better Even Without Your iPhone

Apple will be rolling out a new feature that improves the fitness tracking experience in watchOS 6. This feature works even if you didn’t bring your iPhone with you. Workout summary data will now be displayed within the Activity app on the Apple Watch even if you dismiss it in Workout.

Before the feature, Apple Watch summaries were only displayed when you completed exercises in Workout. Though you’ll see a description on your Watch, you needed to open the Activity app to view the finer details.

Summary data can show Apple Watch users different data points and metrics that were captured as they worked out. Changes in watchOS expands the Watch’s capability without needing a nearby iPhone.

Apple has replaced low information text with buttons; tap it and the Apple Watch will display an expanded view of summarized data without having to find your iPhone.

Keep in mind that Watch only displays data collected that day- for previous information you’ll still need your iPhone.

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