New Features Heading To Apple Podcasts

On the WWDC 2019 stage Apple has mentioned some up-and-coming changes and additions to their Podcasts.

In the iOS 13, Apple addressed some enhancements on how users complete Podcasts searches, including the ability to locate keywords within the transcripts. In addition, users will be able to discover shows according to people and topic.

The company has also mentioned that English top shows will get this optimization first, with more shows to be added to the platform later this year.

Later during summer, Apple will be adding several categories, including History, True Crime and Fiction, while renaming some existing ones. Within the main categories are “sub-categories” that allow users to dig deeper according to their preference.

Existing sub-categories may be relocated or removed altogether. For example, the sub-category Sports & Recreation- Professional will come under the tag Sports and remain as such until a new value is added.

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