New Find My features added to iOS 15.2 beta

Apple has improved the ‘Find My’ feature with several additions, including being able to scan My Find-enabled and AirTags that are within range.

iOS 15.2 beta was released with notable features within the Find My app. After installation, there’s a new ‘Items’ tab and within it is the ‘Items That Can Track Me’ option. Opening this lets users search for tracking devices.

Activating the ‘Unknown Items’ feature scans for nearby trackers and devices that might belong to someone else. Apple has included some useful tips on how to disable these devices so they won’t be tracked anymore. 

iOS 15.2 beta also has a new feature, ‘Help Return Lost Items’ that’s similar to the previous ‘Identify Found Item’. A scan reveals nearby devices and tells users how they could contact the owner of the device and depending on its nature.

Apple users can use this feature to disable devices that could be stalking them.

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