Apple says it will present new updates to its Find My platform to curb misuse and abuse of its item tracking device.


The Cupertino-based company will have several changes on its upcoming update, which includes a user notification that stalking is considered a crime and that their AirTags will be linked to their Apple ID.

In addition, Apple says it will have a bug fix for accessory alerts. In the ‘unknown accessory detected’ alert, the notification will show up only on Find My devices and certain AirPods but not AirTags. The AirTags will have a separate alert system to let people know if an AirTag is traveling with them.

The support document for unwanted tracking has also received a refresh to reflect the incoming changes and existing features of AirTags and Find My accessories. iPhone 11 to iPhone 13 users will have the ability to find unwanted AirTags via Precision Finding.


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