New Generative Expand feature seen in Photoshop Beta

Adobe has added a new feature called Generative Expand onto its Photoshop beta update.

The company expanded its generative, Firefly-powered features with options for users to pick AI image generation to expand the images beyond the original aspect ratio. Users must choose the Crop option and set the image to their preferred aspect ratio. A taskbar will appear and ask if they want to try Generative Expand and Generative Fill.

Photoshop Beta

Choosing ‘generate’ will let the AI fill the blank space with content. Users can use prompts to put in specific content to be generated, and the AI will add a new layer to the image. Those interested can sign up for the beta with an active subscription which costs $20.99 per month. Additionally, they can sign up to get the full suite for $54.99 a month.

The latest Photoshop beta supports prompts in more than a hundred languages.