Old news: Apple to hold an event on the 25th of March. The company is reported to unveil its long purported video streaming service to rival the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Also, making the headlines could be the news service, the company is known to have been working on.

New iPads

However, apart from all the services Apple could be unveiling on the 25th of March, the word of the town has been that, the company could also unveil a newer generation iPad. However, the reports are not very trustworthy meaning they definitely can’t be trusted.

Apple last updated the iPad 9.7” in 2018 at the March event which makes the report sound more credible. However, in the past the company has also done “only services” events as well and the poster/invites of the event read “It’s show time.” which clearly sends the message about its streaming service.

Beast on the inside?

iPad 9.7 chip

Nonetheless, let’s consider that Apple will release a newer generation iPad at its upcoming event. What will pack and what new will it offer? Countless reports have pointed that, at any point of time if Apple has to refresh its iPad 9.7, it will do so with minor changes. The current iPad is a hit: its loved by customer as its powerful enough to do basic tasks smoothly at a sweet price ($329).

On the inside, the iPad will definitely feature a faster, newer chip; it could be the A12 Bionic chip or A11. Apple is known to use an older generation chip with its budget-oriented products, so it’ll very likely be the A11 but things could always change. The display on the current iPad is pretty nice to look at; of course it’s not good as the one found on the iPad Pro as its display has no gap between the panel and the glass.

Join us on 25th of March to know if Apple would refresh the iPad 9.7”.


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