New 4.7″ iPhone case shows up at Best Buy

The release of the iPhone SE 2 is imminent. Today is the 31st of March, 2020 and according to PhoneArena, the phone could very well launch today as the original iPhone SE was launched on the same date as well. However, a Best Buy employee has shared the picture of an alleged case for the iPhone SE 2.

MacRumours covered the story and the report reads that the Best Buy employees have been asked to hold the public release of the cases till the 5th of April. The image of the case reads ‘Designed for New iPhone 4.7” 2020’.

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New 4.7″ iPhone case shows up at Best Buy

The image of the iPhone SE 2 case shared on the internet is made by UAG (Urban Armor Gear). Cases made for the new 4.7” iPhone SE 2 started appearing on the internet last month. However, this is the first case which looks legit and also suggests a very plausible release of the iPhone SE 2 anytime before the 5th of April.

Usually, retailers like Best Buy and Target receive cases made for upcoming phones beforehand so that they can start selling the cases as soon as the phone hits the store. The leaked case for the New iPhone 4.7” 2020 suggests a similar story, case makers appear to be gearing up for the release of the new iPhone.

The popular blog that covers Apple iGeeksBlog has suggested that the upcoming 4.7” iPhone could cost $349. However, it also suggests that the phone could use Apple’s latest A13 Bionic chip but that is very unlikely as the iPhone XR which costs $599 still uses A12 Bionic chip. 

The original iPhone succeeded because of the price and also because it offered a smaller screen option as phone sizes increased quickly. Similarly, right now, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro phones are quite large compared to the 4.7” iPhone size.