New licensing requirements force Chinese games Out Of App Store

Apple has warned Chinese developers that their paid gaming apps are likely to be removed due to new licensing changes in the country’s App Store.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is in the midst of removing video game apps as China begins investigating unlicensed games. In December, the Cupertino-based company has sent out a notice telling developers to secure their government licenses if they want to keep their apps in the App Store.

App Store

China has presented a new regulation that requires video games to have a license. Before developers would often say they were awaiting licenses and were able to upload the app without it.

China has also requested to remove a hundred other apps, TripAdvisor included and apparently without an explanation.

Just last year China had requested 25,000 apps to be removed from the China App Store. This year, the number is currently at 94,000, according to Sensor Tower.