New listener and producer features arriving on Apple Podcasts


Apple Podcasts will be gaining several new features to benefit both creators and listeners alike.

Apple Podcasts

Apple continues to improve its podcast platform with solutions such as Delegated Delivery and listener-side fixes for a better experience. Delegated Delivery, when launched, will allow podcast producers to manage, distribute and upload audio through 3rd party hosting providers. Apple says the feature is intended to make things easier for creators so they can market and focus on their products.

Currently, producers will need to upload to Apple Podcasts directly, but with Delegated Delivery they can have Apple fetch the content from distribution services such as Omny Studio, AR19 and Acast. Uploading to Apple Podcasts can still be done, alongside the ability to manage subscriptions and create new channels.

Listeners will be able to access the podcast content without knowing if it came from Apple’s platform or via a third party distributor. In addition, Apple is planning to fix a storage space issue associated with its podcasts.

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