New Mac Game Porting Toolkit installer arrives on GitHub

A new installer has been introduced in GitHub to make installing Game Porting Toolkit easier.

InstallAware recently launched an installation wizard for Game Porting Toolkit on GitHub. The program automates the process via InstallAware Multi Platform to add Game Porting Toolkit on a Mac. InstallAware’s chief reason for the wizard is to advertise the product, which has developers as its target audience.

Mac Game Porting Toolkit

The installer’s readme file claims that it can be used on Intel Macs and Apple Silicon chips. Furthermore, users won’t need an Apple developer account or the Game Porting Toolkit itself. The program auto-completes setup tasks and uses the machine’s hardware to accelerate 3D titles. The company touts that any app could be opened using the wizard due to support for non-game programs.

The Game Porting Toolkit was launched during WWDC 2023 as a solution to run Windows games on a Mac without having to change the code.