New MacBook could cost $200 more

Apple is planning to release a redesigned MacBook Air later this year or sometime in 2022, reports Bloomberg. The information comes directly from Mark Gurman, the noted Apple reporter at Bloomberg, who has a very good track record. 

The upcoming MacBook Air will reportedly feature a new design. The MacBook Air design was last updated in 2018 when Apple added a Retina Display, included the butterfly keyboard (since removed), and some other design language changes. By reducing the bezels around the display, Apple will be able to reduce the footprint of the laptop.

MacBook Air (2021) representational image

Compact and smaller bezels

The upcoming redesigned MacBook Air will be more compact as Apple reduces the bezels around the display. Bloomberg has also added that machine will be thinner and lighter compared to the current generation M1 MacBook Air.

New MacBook could cost $200 more
MacBook Air

The most needed change has to the webcam as the one on the M1 MacBook Air or any other MacBook is total garbage. Especially given the current scenario when majority of people are working from home and rely on webcams for video calls. It is important to look good or stream quality footage during important video calls.

The redesigned MacBook Air could cost $200 more than the current generation M1 MacBook Air which starts at $999. Apple usually prices its new redesigned Mac machine slightly higher compared to the previous generation and over the years, reduces the price to the previous level. The upcoming MacBook Air could receive the same treatment. Some reports have already stated that Apple will continue to sell the current generation M1 MacBook Air even after the release of the redesigned MacBook Air, maybe as a low-cost entry laptop.

The upcoming MacBook Air will likely be powered by a new M-series chip. This year, Apple could release the M2 chip following the release of the M1 chip in 2020.