The new MacBook Air is now in stores


The MacBook Air revolutionized the laptop industry by pushing the industry forward by almost ten years (give or take). The second generation of the MacBook Air especially was great as it introduced flash storage, a more refined design, and also over the years brought the price down to a perfect $999.

MacBook Air with updated keyboard

However, Apple ignored the MacBook Air for a couple of years and then introduced a new one back in 2018. The 2018 MacBook Air brought some really important new features such as a high quality Retina display, an improved body profile with slimmer bezels, and USB-C connectivity options. Also, a much appreciated fingerprint reader for quick login and other authentication purposes.

The butterfly is gone

But the 2018 MacBook Air also brought over the troubled butterfly keyboard from the MacBook Pro and the 12 inch MacBook. Not to worry, Apple has finally updated the MacBook Air to fix all the major issues with the keyboard and it is now back to using the traditional scissor switch keyboard.

The new 2020 MacBook Air starts at $999 once again but however uses a Intel i3 dual core chip which actually may not be a problem for people looking for a good laptop for web browsing, YouTube and Netflix. However, those looking for a little more “pump” should get the Intel Core i5 model which costs $1299 but also doubles the storage.

The base $999 model of the MacBook Air comes with 256 GB storage, a good upgrade over the old model which offered a meagre 128GB SSD. The $1299 i5 model comes with 512GB SSD, an option that people who download a lot of stuff or store a lot of videos should get.

The new MacBook Air is now in the stores, online only for now due to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you need a laptop that will last for long for basic use, this is once again the laptop you should buy. 

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