Apple will reportedly release new redesigned 14.1” and 16” MacBook Pro laptops – all powered by new Apple designed chips, according to Bloomberg. The noted Apple reporter Mark Gurman of Bloomberg revealed major aspects of the upcoming MacBook Pro laptops. 

The internet has been swirling with rumours of a 14” MacBook Pro for years now. However, it looks like 2021 will be the year for the release of a large screen compact MacBook Pro. The current generation 13” MacBook Pro has huge bezels around the screen; the 14.1” MacBook Pro will reportedly feature much smaller bezels.

Smaller bezels, larger screen

In 2019, Apple released the 16” MacBook Pro to release the previous generation 15” MacBook Pro. The 16” MacBook Pro has smaller bezels compared to the older 15” MacBook Pro. The smaller MacBook Pro will reportedly receive a similar treatment.

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16″ MacBook Pro (2019)

The other major aspect of the new MacBook Pros will reportedly be a new flat design. Apple has recently begun making all of its products flat – the iPhone 12, the iPad Pro, and the iPad Air. The upcoming MacBook Pro laptops will also reportedly feature a similar design language.

The current generation MacBook Pro laptops have a slightly curved bottom. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the upcoming MacBook Pro laptops will have a completely flat bottom. The laptops will reportedly also feature improved displays with higher brightness levels and higher contrast levels.

Apple set to release 14.1″ and 16″ MacBook Pros this year

The other major change has to be the return of the MagSafe port on the upcoming MacBook Pro laptops. According to Gurman, the upcoming MacBook Pro laptops will return to using MagSafe for charging. Prior to 2016, all Mac laptops featured magnetic MagSafe ports and shipped with a MagSafe charger in the box.

The Touch Bar will not be present on the upcoming MacBook Pro laptops, adds Gurman. The laptops will instead feature traditional function keys.


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