New Memoji customization options appear on iOS 15

Apple has revealed new ways to customize Memojis in iPadOS and iOS 15 updates.

In iOS 15 there are now 40 additional outfit choices and three colors. Furthermore, the left eye can have a different color as the right in a nod to people with heterochromia. There are several glasses customizations as well.


Apple has introduced new headwear options to represent universities and sports teams, as well as accessibility icons such as soft helmet, oxygen tubes and cochlear implants. Nine new emoji stickers make their appearance, including a lightbulb moment, a hand wave and a shake, among other things.

The new Memoji customization options can be used in apps such as FaceTime, Messages and more and serve to differentiate one user from another. It’s currently rolling out to iOS 15 users and may not be available to everyone yet.

iOS 15 was announced during the WWDC 2021 and will be released in a few days.