New ‘Mind’ App leaked ahead of 2021 WWDC

A leak at the App Store may have revealed one of Apple’s plans- to launch a ‘Mind’ app that can be a feature in the upcoming watchOS 8 update.

Khaos Tian, a developer has recently taken to social media to share his findings of new app ID bundle identifiers in the App Store manifest. The new code refers to ‘’ and ‘’, both of which use internal Apple code for Apple Watch apps.

2021 WWDC

Aside from the two there’s also a posting of ‘’ which is yet to be released or announced. The absence of Nano can mean that it will be available on iOS, watchOS and more.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg recently reported how the next watchOS update will have new and better health tracking features. There’s already a Breathe app, and the ‘Mind’ app may focus on helping users with their mental health.

This year’s WWDC will be held June 7 10am PT.