New ‘Mythic Quest’ ad shows actors trying Old-School toys

Apple has recently released a video ad promoting its Apple TV+ exclusive ‘Mythic Quest’, with two of its actors testing traditional toys.

Actors Imani Hakim and Ashly Burch appears in the Mythic Quest promo video, titled ‘Testers Testing Things’. In the series the two were game testers for the video game company.

Mythic Quest

The two-minute video featured the two trying out old-school games, such as cup stacking, paper football, punch balloon, juggling, and the yo-yo. Each commented on the characteristics and aspects of the toys. Snippets of the show are intersped between the toy-testing process, drawing a connected line to the statements mentioned.

Mythic Quest has completed its first season, with a second on the way and set to be released May 7, 2021. A trailer video was released which hinted at guest appearances such as Snoop Dogg and the upcoming storyline for the new season.

‘Testers Testing Things’ is now available to watch on the official Apple YouTube channel.