On iOS, there’s a new feature in the Netflix app called ‘Collections’, which highlights people-curated content. It’s different from the ‘Recommended’ section as the content there come from software algorithms.

Netflix Airplay on iOS

Netflix iOS Feature ‘Collections’

‘Collections’ contain a mix of TV shows and movies from experts in Netflix’s creative teams and are based on storyline, characters, tone, genre and others. Tapping on the ‘Follow’ button lets you see the content and keeps you in the loop for new movie and TV show additions.

Collections feature is one that’s exclusive to the iOS platform. There’s no timeframe on if and when it will be released for all Netflix subscribers.

A spokesperson from Netflix says that they’re looking for ways they could connect with their fans regarding the shows people might like, and Collections is one of those ideas they’re testing on the iOS. The spokesperson mentioned that the test may vary from one country to another, and that it won’t necessarily become a permanent feature in the streaming services’ app.


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