New privacy ad for China features Donnie Yen

A new ad promoting iPhone privacy features has been released in China.

Following ‘The Waiting Room’ ad which tackled health data privacy, Apple has put out a new ‘Privacy on iPhone’ video in China, but this one is exclusive to the Apple China website. The video is a mere 63 seconds long but is action-packed and doesn’t use any spoken language.

Donnie Yen

The video is set in China and features martial arts superstart Donnie Yen. The headline reads ‘keep your personal information safe, which is very iPhone’ and tells the story of people in suits trying to peer at what people are doing on their iPhones. Donnie Yen, wearing a black suit with the Apple logo, intervenes and stops the ominous individuals while the iPhone users go about their day and are seemingly oblivious of all the action that’s going on.

The ad is available to watch on Apple’s official Chinese website.