Apple continues to integrate new privacy features, and several new ones are to be expected with the coming of iOS 14.

iOS 14

Developers get a taste of it with a detailed document regarding privacy labels for the app. These labels are much like nutrition labels in that they’re to inform consumers on an app’s privacy practices.

The app privacy developer resource outlines important categories they should include, such as tracking, data use, privacy links, user-linked data, data use and how to respond to app privacy queries.

In website and app tracking, Apple is expected to have it ready by early 2021.

New privacy labels to come with iOS 14

Apple summarizes the app privacy details that developers must create in the document. Among them is an example of data types the app may collect, and which ones are shared with partners. 

All apps that are to make it into iOS 14 are required to complete the ‘nutritional label’. Responses to app privacy must be answered in a timely manner via App Store Connect and should be in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.


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