New rapid antigen test kit from gauss to have iPhone support

Gauss has recently outed a new COVID-19 home test kit that uses an iPhone to analyze and check the results.

The company is awaiting approval from the FDA before being sold to the public. Named ‘Gauss COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Home Test’, the product will mainly be used for emergencies and will be supplied and distributed to the public once approval is given.

Retailers such as Kroger intends to sell the COVID-19 test kits online and through 220 clinics and 2,200 pharmacies in the US. Gauss produced 1.5 million units of the product, which will be sent out after getting EUA approval. The company mentioned that they can create at maximum capacity 30 million test kits each month.

The kit consists of an iPhone app and a swab kit, with instructions on how to obtain a nasal swab sample and process it. After waiting 15 minutes the iPhone app will tell the user to scan the cassette markers using the camera.

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