Cloud gaming controller manufacturer RiotPWR recently released a game controller for both the iPad and iPhone.

RiotPWR Dual Connection Game

The RiotPWR RP1950 features a USB-C and Lightning cable so iPad and iPhone users can connect the hardware and start playing their favorite games. The full-sized controller does not have an internal battery, but rather gets power from the device for a low-latency experience without the need to connect to Bluetooth.

The RP1950 offers passthrough Lightning charging and a display mount that can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of tilt angles and iPhone cases. RiotPWR’s controller offers a future-proof design and when the iPhone switches to USB-C ports this year and beyond. It’s a console-style gamepad with two joysticks, a series of buttons, a directional pad, headphone connections, and a share button for recording and streaming gameplay.

RiotPWR’s dual-connection RP1950 game controller is now available to buy at for $69.95.


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