A new Swift API was revealed during the WWDC 2022 and allows users to collect room and floor data using LiDAR sensors.

New RoomPlan API

RoomPlan is a recently launched AR technology that uses the iPad and iPhone’s LiDAR scanner to create floor plans and map out a house or structure.

In the Apple Developer page ‘RoomPlan’ is said to be particularly useful in the real estate and hospitality industry. Furthermore, the 3D scanning process can make interior design and architectural workflows easier.

When using LiDAR the screen will show the message ‘real-time scanning in progress’, then reveal a dollhouse visual where all recognized objects are included.

The plan can then be exported in USDZ or USD format for working on AutoCAD and Cinema4D, among others. The scan will include room dimensions and a list of the recognized furniture.

Registered developers will be able to access and use the new beta API starting June 8.


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