New Siri feature can play animal, musical instrument sounds and more

There’s a new hidden surprise in the latest iOS 14.3 update- Siri can replicate sounds when asked, ranging from alarms, musical instruments and even animals.

Apple’s personal voice assistant can now respond to questions like, ‘what does a whale sound like?’ or ‘what does a violin sound like?’ among other things. iOS 14.3 users can ask for a variety of sounds on their iPad and iPhone.


Apple has added hundreds of realistic sounds and replicate them when asked. Aside from the sound Siri will also call up Wikipedia to add to the learning process.

Currently the feature is not available to all iOS 14.3 users and is in the process of rolling out. Devices that can take advantage of the functionality include the iPad, iPhone and HomePod.

To try the feature your device must be updated to the latest version. Go to Settings, then General and Software Update to initiate the procedure.