New study shows AirPods on par with prescription hearing aids in performance

A new study published by iScience reveals that the AirPods Pro has performed nearly as well as prescription hearing aids.

Apple has put several features to assist with mild hearing loss, including the ‘Live Listen’, where the device is used to amplify environmental sounds, and Conversation Boost, which utilizes beamforming technology to ‘hear’ conversations better.


iScience revealed that the features helped those who experience mild-to-moderate hearing loss cope with their disability as well as two other branded hearing aids. It’s worth noting that the FDA has not approved the AirPods Pro as a hearing aid.

The iScience study added the AirPods 2 and found it to be ‘acceptable’ when it comes to alleviating hearing loss. The AirPods Pro ticked four out of five testing categories, while the AirPods 2 got two out of the five categories. One notable disadvantage the AirPods Pro had versus hearing aids, according to researchers, is the limited battery life.