New ‘Time to Run’ and ‘Collections’ Apple Music feature launches January 10

Apple has announced several new features for its Apple Fitness+ platform, including ‘Collections’ and ‘Time to Run’.

‘Time to Run’ is similar to ‘Time to Walk’ and offers a unique auditory running experience. Every episode is focused on a popular running route or iconic location. Fitness+ trainers provide running tips and show relevant photos, and play energizing music during the session, with each playlist matching the location, coaching style and run intensity.

Apple Music

‘Collections’ are curated meditation and workout sessions where users can make progress, remain consistent or get additional motivation. A suggested plan and training options are spread out over the course of days or weeks. Some of the Collection sessions include ‘Run Your First 5K’, ‘30-Day Core Challenge’ and ‘Strengthen Your Back, Stretch Your Hips’.

Both features are expected to go live January 10, 2022 and will become available to all Apple Fitness+ subscribers. Apple Fitness+ costs $9.99 monthly and works with an Apple Watch.