New Twitter Dark Mode or Black Mode called “Lights Out” to release today for iOS

Twitter is releasing a new dark mode option called “Lights Out” for its iOS app later today. Twitter already had a dark mode, however, the new “Lights Out” feature is much darker.

With the normal dark mode option enabled, the background is changed to a gray color. However, with the new Lights Out feature, it turns the background completely black.

New Twitter dark mode

The Lights Out feature don’t only change the background black but also saves a lot of battery. Since the iPhone comes with an OLED display, only the colored pixels are turned on while pixels that need to display a black color are actually off.

This feature will not be available on Twitter’s Android App and is only to work on Twitter’s iOS App at the moment. However, it’s not clear whether Twitter is working on the Lights Out feature Android. So those who use Twitter a lot and has an iOS device are lucky to have this feature.

The Twitter team has shared a video on their Twitter account, that guides its users on how the Lights Out feature can be enabled on the iOS App. The video can be found below:

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