New Washington State road construction sends Apple Maps users to dirt road

A new construction work at the I-90 has led Apple Maps users confused and driving on a dirt road.

Real-world condition changes can take a while to be updated in Apple Maps, which is the exact reason why several commuters were misled by their navigational apps. The Washington State Department of Transportation began a widening of the I-90 in Washington State. The four-lane space will be widened to six in Kittitas County, and the eastbound traffic has been shifted to a westbound stretch along the freeway.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps apparently identified the traffic slowing down, and pointed drivers to take Forest Service and dirt roads as the ‘better route’. This, in turn, led to some commuters getting stuck and needing their vehicles to be towed.

Summer Derrey, WSDOT spokesman said that they have tried contacting both Apple and Google about the matter, with little response. However, the route seems to have been fixed on November 10.