New York bus and subways get Apple Support

Apple Pay is now accepted by all New York MTA buses and stations across the five boroughs.

18 months ago Apple had its first Apple Pay trial on select subway stations. Today, the NY MTA has rolled out the feature to all lines and stations, with one OMNY, or One Metro New York system for all its network.


Currently, using Apple Pay to access the MTA is limited to full-fare pay per rides. Paying in advance is not introduced yet but it’s possible in the near future.

The Metropolitan Transport Authority announced in a tweet, ‘OMNY is available on all buses and subway stations, allowing commuters to tap and go throughout New York City’. The organization claims that the process is just the first phase in the rollout and that MetroCard will be replaced entirely by OMNY by the year 2023.

Apple Pay began operating in selected stations on May 2019.