New Zealand and Australian customers begin receiving their purple iPhone 12 and AirTag shipment


Apple has started sending iPhone 12 in purple and AirTag to its customers in Australia and New Zealand after opening pre-orders for the devices on April 23.

Purple iPhone 12 and AirTag Shipment

NZ and Australia buyers have taken to social media to show off their new AirTag and iPhone 12s. Apple Stores in the region have stocked up on the new items as well. AirTag engraving is currently limited to online orders and have a back order until June.

Aside from launching officially in NZ and Australia, AirTag and purple iPhone 12 have begun arriving in Italy and other European countries. For Asia and Middle East customers, their orders should arrive next, with North America being the last.

AirTag is a newly launched tracking accessory that uses Bluetooth, NFC and Ultra Wideband technology to locate items. It works similar to Tile but with greater accuracy and was announced during the April 20 ‘Spring Loaded’ event


Samantha Wiley

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