New Zealand students create prototype Samoan language learning app

Apple recently posted an article in its Newsroom to highlight New Zealand students who are using the iPad and the company’s educational resources to create a prototype Samoan language learning app.

Students at the Bromley School in Christchurch were faced with a dilemma when a Samoan language teacher moved to another school. Mele Togaiso and a group of young students wanted to continue with the language lessons, so they made an app called ‘Let’s Learn Samoan!’ via Keynote. They also tapped into the Everyone Can Code program, particularly the App Design Journal for the app’s development.

New Zealand student

Students used Apple Pencil and iPads to do voice-overs, make animations and draw illustrations. Bugs were discovered and feedback given. In September 2020, the students pitched the idea to 50 investors and tech experts. At the end of the day the group was given a mentorship offer.

Leonie Bradbrook, one of the students said it was ‘cool’ to be able to teach Samoan language with an app they designed. He said he wishes to continue creating apps and helping his friends through them.

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