Newest iOS 15 beta Auto-Eliminates lens flare

Apple’s newest iOS 15 beta 4 adds a useful ability to auto-remove lens flare in photos.

Lens flare is an ongoing issue, but Apple intends to fix it with the beta version of the upcoming iOS 15. In the Camera app, lens flare is automatically reduced to a certain degree.

iOS 15 Beta

iOS 15 beta users have reported the new addition on social media, with captured images showing reduced flaring within Live Photo. The feature joins improvements in the Camera app, such as images becoming more zoomed and other alterations. Users went on to say how post processing is smart enough that lens flare gets detected and removed while in the Live Photo platform.

Not all lens flare effects are automatically removed, though. It seems that the algorithm recognizes when the lens flare should be part of the photo, e.g., in instances where it’s prominent and probably intended by the user.

iOS 15 is set to arrive fall this year.