Newly released LG 5K UltraFine display supports iPad Pro and Mac


Apple has begun selling the latest 5K UltraFine display from LG, which is one of the first ones to support the 2018 iPad Pro.

LG 5K UltraFine Display Supports iPad Pro Mac

Previous UltraFine LG displays didn’t work with Thunderbolt connections, but the new one does have USB-C output via DisplayPort, making it compatible with current iPad Pros and Macs.

USB-C brings plenty of connectivity options where there was none before. LG UltraFine 5K display users may now bring up their iPad Pro at 5K resolution, but it’s largely a niche market that caters to a very specific audience.

The 5K UltraFine display by LG touts a 5120 by 2880 resolution inside a shell that’s similar to previous models. The 27-inch monitor has built-in mic, webcam and speakers, and 3 USB-C ports for wired accessories.

The 5K display is priced $1,299 and is available to order at the Apple Store. Those who want to get the Apple Pro Display will have to wait until later this year.

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