Apple’s $329 iPad turned out to be one of the most popular product with the customers. The pricing of the product is on-point, it perfect for someone who’s looking forward to entering the Apple ecosystem or looking for a decent tablet. To keep the trend up moving forward, Apple is reportedly working on next generation iPad.

iPad 9.7 2018 [For representational purpose]

The next iPad will keep the TouchID suggest fresh reports unlike the previous ones which suggested that Apple could very well go in favour of FaceID. Also, the company has been removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from its devices every year but the iPad will reportedly get the same treatment.

iPad Pro has a single USB-C port
iPad Pro has a single USB-C port


Considering the price of the iPad it makes sense to not include the expensive FaceID rig and also to keep the 3.5mm headphone jack. The people who are investing on a cheap iPad, most likely won’t be looking forward to spending more than $150 on a pair of wireless earphones.

The design of the upcoming iPad will reportedly be same as the current generation iPad. Apple probably doesn’t want to spend its money on R&D on changing something that is already perfect in every sense. The body of the iPad will the same, however, it has been reported that, the screen size could be bumped to 10 inches from 9.7 inches.


iPad supports the use of Apple Pencil
iPad supports the use of Apple Pencil

Last year’s iPad wasn’t significantly different from the previous generation. The only difference was in the internals and the addition of Apple Pencil support. However, the iPad only got positive reviews and was a success at the stores. Similarly, this year’s iPad will be taking the same trusted and prudent path.

It has also been reported that, Apple will release a updated iPad Mini along with the iPad. We could be looking at a October release when Apple usually releases new Macs and iPads.


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