Next iPhone to have both TouchID and FaceID

Apple is reportedly working on a new generation iPhone that will have both FaceID and TouchID. The rumours of the return of TouchID as an in-screen fingerprint reader have been swirling around for years now. Using a fingerprint reader will be much easier in the current situation when almost everyone is wearing masks almost all the time.

In the Android world, in-screen fingerprint readers have been around for years now. However, the tech is not very stable – does not work all the time and not very quickly as compared to traditional physical fingerprint readers. Over the years, the experience of using in-screen fingerprints has improved – the new Samsung Galaxy S21 for example. However, there has been growing interest in fingerprint readers on the power button.

iPhone 13 to save from mask hell

The iPhone 13 or the 2021 flagship iPhone will reportedly allow users to use either of the two authentication systems – FaceID or TouchID. It’s unclear at the moment whether the option will always be present or only one system can be configured for use. It will be interesting if Apple decides to allow users to use either of the two biometric systems while unlocking the iPhone, authenticating payments, and more.

FaceID while wearing a mask
FaceID while wearing a mask

All the reports by various noted Apple analysts and reports predict the return of TouchID as an in-screen fingerprint reader. However, none of them suggest that TouchID will be embedded into the power button. It is very unlikely that Apple will embed the fingerprint reader in the power button but it will be better if the company does so as physical readers are usually always better.

The next flagship iPhones are rumoured to be released sometime during the month of September or October this year. Usually new iPhones are released in September but last year, Apple pushed the released to October due to the coronavirus pandemic affecting supply chains.

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