Night Shyamalan discusses working with Apple

The noted filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan opened up about working with Apple, in an interview with 3rd Hour Today. Shyamalan’s project “Servant” released on Apple TV+ in 2019 as a TV series. Fast forward to now and the second season of the show has begun airing.

The second season of ‘Servant’ opened to mostly positive reviews. The filmmaker Shyamalan’s daughters also worked on the show. He said that Apple was “super supportive” throughout the process of making the show.

Excellent relationship

“Apple has been super supportive,” said M. Night Shyamalan. “Just been an excellent relationship and given us a chance to tell a very unique story in a very singular way.”


Apple has already the show “Servant” for another season. Shyamalan said that the shooting for the third season will begin sometime in March. Along with Shyamalan, his daughters Saleka and Ishani sat down with the 3rd Hour Today to discuss the TV show “Servant”.

Shyamalan’s daughters Saleka Shyamalan and Ishani Shyamalan reportedly played a key role in the direction and production of the second season of Servant. 

Saleka, wrote a song for the second season of “Servant” and reportedly could also be seen performing the same in the TV series. Saleka said that she wrote the song during the quarantine period last year. She is a trained classical pianist.

Ishani Shyamalan is college senior. She reportedly directed music videos for Saleka and two episodes of the second season of ‘Servant’. She’s appears to be following his father’s footsteps.

Apple is continuing to push its video streaming service by offering the service for free with new Apple device purchases. New purchases of Apple devices will avail users a validity of one year worth of Apple TV+. The streaming service continues to grow as more and more noted filmmakers and actors get onboard.

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