Nile Rodgers is Apple’s latest resident artist

Musician, songwriter, and producer Nile Rodgers is the latest artist in residency on the Apple Music platform.

Rodgers will focus on ways fans and musicians can make the most of spatial audio, offering a remastered work in Dolby Atmos spatial audio. There will also be educational events and live sessions in London, Los Angeles, and New York City. His first event will be at Apple Fifth Avenue on June 19 as an hour-long special.

Nile Rodgers

To celebrate the partnership, Apple users can watch a short video trailer on Apple Music. The video highlights the process of using Dolby Atmos to remaster his work and how it applies to other musicians. Aside from the residency, Rodgers has an Apple Music Radio show, titled ‘Deep Hidden Meaning’, which explores the inspiration and ideas behind the music of emerging and established songwriters. Apple named DJ Khaled as the first official resident artist in 2019.