No New Emojis on the iOS 12.2, Just Minor Changes


Apple’s iOS 12.2 has been released with no new emojis, but just slight changes. Changes were only made to the Women Facepalm ( ??‍♀️), Owl (?), and Boar ( ?) emojis. We have listed those minor changes in the article below.

new emojis ios 12.2

Woman Facepalm ( ??‍♀️): Light skin tone on dark backgrounds is no longer glowing.

Owl (?) now has smaller beak with lighter shading.

New Emojis in iOS 12.2 owl

For the most part, Boar ( ?) remains the same, but his ears turned outward.

New Emojis in iOS 12.2 boar

Why Only these emojis?

These emoji’s updates continue the recent tradition of Apple sharing a 3D model of both Animoji and the image used in the emoji font by Apple.

Last Year in March, Lion ?, Skull ?, Bear ?, and Dragon Face ?were all introduced as Animoji, and their emoji renderings were also tweaked a little in the same release.

Many New Emojis in iOS 12.2

Apple is expected to release new emojis in their next major update iOS 13.1 in October 2019.

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