Nomad begins making AirTags accessories

Nomad, an accessory maker is showing off concept products that are compatible with the much-awaited Apple AirTags.

‘AirTags’ are small trackers that can attach to items. Rumors say that these devices will have augmented reality and use Ultra Wideband technology, but other factors such as design, launch date and price are yet to be announced.


Two concept renders were leaked online, with labels of ‘AirTags’ accessories coming from the Nomad brand. First is a small leather keychain that can hold an ‘AirTag’, while the second is a glasses accessory and can double as an AirTag holder.

AirTags glasses holder

Apple AirTags are rumored to work like Tile but with features tied to the Apple ecosystem. AR overlays and UWB capabilities are expected, and it was discovered that Apple intended them to work with ‘Find My’ app.

Ming Chi Kuo made mention that the AirTags may debut in 2021 but no other details were provided.