Apple’s AirTags are often used to track items, including possessions such as luggage and vehicles. Recently, a stolen car was recovered by Durham PD officers, but not in the state that it was originally in before the theft.

Apple AirTag

WRAL News reported that a Cary resident, Leslie Muhammad, had her Toyota Camry stolen by juvenile thieves on February 7. Her husband, Antar, looked out and saw that her vehicle was no longer in its usual spot. Fortunately, Antar had put in an AirTag and showed the current location to the authorities via the Find My app on his iPhone. He said that he pinpointed the vehicle to where it was parked.

Police in both Cary and Durham counties took action, but the thieves sped away in the stolen car just as the police were approaching. They then promptly crashed the vehicle while driving on the Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway. The thieves were arrested and taken to the police station.


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