NY Apple Store union asking for higher wages

Apple Store workers attempting to form a union are asking for a higher per-hour rate, as reported in the Fruit Stand Workers United website.

Retail store employees in the Grand Central Store in New York have begun the steps to form a union in 2022, and on April 16 the organization started gaining traction. It’s set to be the first Apple Store in the US to unionize.

Apple Store

Aside from the $30 per hour raise the organizers outlined several benefits they want, such as better retirement options, pension plan enrollment, higher 401(k) match rates and increased tuition reimbursement.

The workers also demanded better safety and health standards, including noise pollution, building materials, dust and security protocol research.

Apple employees earn around $17 to $30 per hour depending on experience and the store’s market. As it stands, New York is currently rated the most expensive city to live in the United States.