NY Attorney General announces AirTag consumer alert


Letitia James, NY Attorney General has recently issued a consumer alert regarding the misuse of the Apple AirTag.


Apple announced several changes to its item tracking device in order to curb misuse, particularly the unknown tracking of individuals. James added to the concern by sending out a consumer alert, along with safety recommendations on how New Yorkers could be protected from stalking.

The Attorney General’s recommendations include listening to unfamiliar beeps, watching the ‘item detected near you’ notification on iPhones, using the Tracker Detect app for Android and keeping Apple devices updated.

The consumer alert has a small fine print, saying that not all AirTags are malicious as they could be used by those who have lost an important item or device. For those who discover a strange AirTag in their belongings, they could file a complaint through the Office of the Attorney General and the OAG Internet and Technology Bureau.

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